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Sweeney Eye Associates

We are a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice with locations in Sunnyvale, TX and Richardson, TX.

We focus on laser-assisted cataract surgery, premium lens implants, laser vision correction, glaucoma and general ophthalmology. Sweeney Eye Associates is passionate about helping our patients get the eye care and vision they deserve. All procedures are performed in the comfort of our on-site state-of-the-art Joint Commissioned accredited ambulatory surgical center (ASC), Beltline Surgery Center. Together our team of physicians and experienced staff welcome you to Sweeney Eye Associates.

What is Our Why?

Step into Sweeney Eye Associates, and you'll witness firsthand our unique approach, tailored exclusively to prioritize our patients' well-being. Experience the difference we make, as we strive for nothing less than the absolute highest quality care.

Sweeney Eye Associates is proud to now offer the most powerful advancements in cataract surgery technology using the LENSAR™ Laser System.

Taking Care of Your Vision

is Our Priority

Which Procedure Is Right For You?

You've likely heard of LASIK, but vision correction isn't one size fits all.
We offer several vision correction procedures and customize each based on your age, prescription, and lifestyle.

Regardless of Your Eye Condition

We Can Help

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If you're tired of glasses or contact lenses, ask Sweeney Eye Associates about surgical vision correction w/ Refractive Lens Exchange or LASIK!

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery in the Dallas area please consider giving us a call. We offer state of the art laser vision correction solutions and have convenient offices in Sunnyvale and Richardson, Texas. Our LASIK and refractive surgery counselors are standing by to help you understand the best options and as well affordability. Join us for  free laser vision correction consultation and we can discuss making seeing clearly a reality.

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The Evo Lens
"The results are life changing for me and with EVO, I now can simply wake up and go about my day.”
– Joe Jonas

Sweeney Eye Associates is proud to offer the advanced EVO Visian ICL to help patients who qualify experience reduced dependency on visual aids.

Say goodbye to glasses and contacts and embrace a life of visual freedom. Schedule your consultation now and discover if you're an ideal candidate for the revolutionary EVO ICL procedure today!

Sweeney Eye Associates is proud to offer the advanced EVO Visian ICL to help patients who qualify experience reduced dependency on visual aids.

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Why Choose Us

Sweeney Eye Associates is staffed by ophthalmologists, eye doctors and professional staff dedicated to providing patients with excellent care to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our technical personnel undergo extensive training and continued education including certification by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Professionals in Ophthalmology requiring rigorous written and practical testing. From the front desk to the business office, every member of our team will work hard to make you their priority throughout every step of your care.

We also have an on-site surgery center which is a Joint-Commission Accredited Surgery Facility. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality medical care possible and to make your stay with us a pleasant one.

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We offer clean pricing, easy financing, and payment options of every budget.

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Expertise & Experience

Our network of independent physicians includes some of the most skilled laser eye surgeons in the country.

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We have surgery centers conveniently located and easy to find.

Group of Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Led by Patrick Sweeney, MD

Sweeney Eye Associates is an Ophthalmology practice dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care services that our patients deserve. We specialize in cataract surgery, laser vision correction and comprehensive eye care treatment using the most advanced diagnostic and surgical technology. Our Physicians are highly experienced and specialty trained to treat cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic, and retina disease along with general eye care.

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After suffering with cataracts, I chose Sweeney Eye Associates for my cataract surgery. I elected to undergo laser cataract surgery with an upgraded lens implant. Now I can see at all distances, even up close without glasses!

Joseph B.

Cataract Patient

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Read Our Reviews

I have worn thick glasses or hard contacts my entire life! After undergoing surgical  vision correction with Refractive Lens Exchange, I can see young again! No Glasses, No Contacts, No Problems!

Jennifer S.

Refractive Lens Exchange Patient

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5 Reasons to Consider a Premium IOL in Dallas This Summer

If you’re going to have cataract surgery, a crucial component of the procedure is deciding what kind of IOL you want. Cataract surgery removes cataracts by removing your eye’s natural lens, where the cataract has formed.  However, removing the natural lens would make you unable to see clearly because you don’t have a lens in…

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What is Refractive Lens Exchange, and is it Right for You?

Want to improve your vision? There is more than one option for vision correction procedures.  When most people think of vision correction procedures, they think of LASIK. But LASIK is only one of several procedures that can correct refractive errors and eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses.  But the problem with many of…

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April 7, 2023

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Greetings from Sweeney Eye Associates! With locations in both Sunnyvale and Richardson, TX, we strive to provide cutting-edge care for all our patients. Today, we’ll be talking about a significant advancement in cataract treatment—laser cataract surgery. Traditional cataract surgery is performed manually, with the surgeon using a handheld instrument to create a small incision in…

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